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Rambling Rose

These are my most popular stories:
The Morning I Left Neverland
It Only Sunk in After He Dumped Me for the Third Time
Journaling Pulled Him Through a Hurricane
Why You Need to Stop Trying So Hard to “Niche Down” and Just Write
The Low Effort Side Hustle for Extra Monthly $100s
Before Entering the Medium Writers Challenge, Read This (Please)

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A girl standing in a record shop, in front of a wall of records, wearing a jean jacket and a Def Leppard t-shirt, holding up a white record with a face on it, covering the person’s actual face. Writing under a pseudonym. The real reason I write under a pseudonym. Rose Kelly. Rose Edith Kelly. Sir Gerald Kelly. Aleister Crowley.
Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash

I’ve been on a rampage to untether my real name from the pseudonym I started using back in November 2020 when I first began publishing parts of myself online for the world to see.

At the time I thought the name I’d chosen to theme my poetry was one I could use symbiotically with my real one. A stage name more than anything, as I was planning on being a spoken word poet. Times have changed and now I go through the arduous process of checking my every move on social media and erasing every footprint left behind. …

A young woman with short dark brown hair, wearing a bleached denim jacket and dark red lipstick is standing on a bed of brown autumn leaves with her arms outstretched and looking up with a big hopeful smile. I Learned the Value of Love From a Superhero Movie. The silver screen can do wonders for ADHDers like me. What is the true value of love to you? ADHD and love. ADHD and relationships. Value of love.
Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Being a child unknowingly living through undiagnosed ADHD, I was more able to process moral dilemmas from a screen than from people I met in real life.

I’d catch them dotted amongst colourful cartoons and woven into fantasy films, and press them like stickers into my prefrontal cortex. Now I have a beautiful array to look at when feeling slightly lost.

For someone as excitable as my 8-year-old self, slapstick comedy was able to hold my attention far more than a teacher writing meanings on the board with their squeaky pens. …

The Morning I Left Neverland — After realising my friendships were harming me
Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

I woke up in a shallow pool of sweat. Or what I used to like to call my “base note” of every Sunday’s perfume. It drenched me in the antics of the night I’d spent before hitting the hay and passing out.

And they were just that: antics. Harmless, fun-filled antics with friends and loved ones. Ones I could remember most of despite the amount of alcohol and stimulants consumed. Ones I also made damn sure wouldn’t have any consequences.

This time’s sweat pool was noticeably uncomfortable. My body was cold even on a sunny morning under mounds of blankets…

An angled aerial view photo of Hurricane Maria. The hurricane is seen as a large and tightly knit swirl of clouds. The surrounding deep blue sky and land beneath is blurred.
Photo of Hurricane Maria by Antti Lipponen

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught the human race, it’s that we’re not always the ones in control. Catastrophe can strike when we least expect it and completely dismantle everything we once knew into an assortment of pieces on the ground.

Even if we haven’t experienced catastrophe directly during the pandemic, most of us have realised that we won’t be returning to the old “normal.”

The ongoing challenges of living in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) conditions oftentimes leave us scrambling to keep plugging holes in a sinking rowboat. For most, the mere fact we are…

Hey Shannon, I really feel for you now more than ever. It's hard seeing your posts because I know you just want this to be over so you can get back to living a full life with your daughter. So, instead of just leave a "I'm so sorry" style message, I decided to email the following message to


This is an enquiry from a concerned pen friend of a single mother currently battling advanced lipedema that has progressed into lipo-lymphedema. …

Image of author with heart rate monitor attached by electrode stickers. How my 7-day heart monitoring test destroyed my sensitive skin. 7-day heart monitor NHS. 7-day Holter monitor test. 7-day cardiac monitor test.
Image of Author by Author

It’s never a good sign when a 31-year-old has symptoms of a fluttering, racing heart and random arrhythmia. Add being clinically obese and having a father treated for Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome later on in life, and the sign becomes an angry drill sergeant with their face inches away from mine, ordering me to put down the chocolate bar, pick up the phone and call my damn doctor’s surgery.

Fast forward a month down the line, and I’m owning my swagger in COVID-friendly face fashion and tech-savvy body accessories. I’d just left my hospital’s cardiology department, sporting ’03 TR’; my new best…

A yellow screen with a pop up window of a Gmail email loading page. A Flaw With Medium’s New Subscription Feature. I might be shooting myself in the foot here. Email subscriptions. Referral marketing.
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed the uproar over Medium’s many updates and incentives of 2021. Including of course the ability for current members to recruit and onboard newbies as part of the referral program.

Becoming a Medium member enables visitors to access a whole new world (Disney, I know) of content to read, whilst directly supporting the work of their favourite writers and creators. One of my favourite Medium writers, Burk, sums the pitch up quite neatly:

“It only costs $5 per month, it supports us, writers, greatly, and you have the chance to make money…

Photo by Selma Rizvić on Unsplash

I think the person who coined the term “don’t burn your bridges” didn’t know what it was like being stuck in toxic friendships.

Bridges for some can be literal death traps to cross, and the very idea of going back the way they came fills their very toes with dread. At least, this is what I’ve come to realise having crossed a lot of them in my time.

There’s no smoke without fire (don’t you just love puns?), and if you get a whiff of it from the friend in question, you’d sometimes be better off making it known and…

Picture of Rebecca Lockwood in a colourful dress, sitting on a sofa smiling as she looks at her open apple laptop screen. What NLP Training Can Do for You. NLP training, NLP coaching, and NLP techniques from, mother, an award-winning Master NLP Mindset Coach, Rebecca Lockwood.
Image by Rebecca Lockwood

Meet Rebecca Lockwood.

An award-winning Master NLP Mindset coach, #1 Best Selling Author, Global Speaker, a mother to 2 young girls and the founder of the Female Entrepreneur’s Network.

She’s also no stranger to feeling inadequate working hard in a corporate job that demanded too much and offered far few benefits in return.

From the time I knew her, she had been featured in the likes of Grazia, Metro and Harpers Bazaar as a rising female entrepreneur and a shining example of how it’s possible to reprogram our minds to work in our favour through Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). …

Rambling Rose

Simplifying the overwhelm of self-improvement to help struggling dreamers become doers, whilst unearthing a deeper understanding of myself.

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